Paleo and Health – Fully Explained

The paleo diet is a type of diet that emulates the diet observed during the Palaeolithic error of human beings. It is a diet that embraces non-processed real whole foods, shunning processed foods and junk foods, with the exception of some bottled condiments and sauces. The diet eliminates processed carbs and replaces them with healthy nuts, vegetables, meat and fruits. Consider a paleo meal delivery service like Trifecta so you don’t have to cook your own meals and do your own shopping!

One of the benefits that come with practicing the diet is that you will experience less bloating. The vegetables and fruits eaten during this diet plus enough water intake provides the body with lots of fibre and reduces the amount of sodium being taken in by the individual. This also assists in improving the gut flora, which is important for good digestion.

The paleo diet also has a large amount of healthy fats, and no trans fats at all. These healthy fats originate from animals that feed on grass. They also originate from fish, butter, coconuts, ghee and poultry. It also contains small amounts of unsaturated fats and a healthy ratio between fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3.

Another benefit that comes from doing the paleo diet is weight loss. While eating a paleo diet, a lot of people have experienced a growth in muscles, a little weightless and lastly a more proactive lifestyle. This is due to the healthy nutrients that are contained in the diet. People observing the diet have also experienced better sleep and stress management, and an improved metabolic process and gut health in general.

Lastly but not leas, another major health benefit observed by people who do the paleo diet is that they do not get anger induced by hunger. This occurs when an individual’s blood sugar drops leading to the individual getting hungry rapidly, and the hunger is usually accompanied with disorientation and fatigue. Energy from natural fats, protein and a little glucose is released slowly and evenly throughout the day preventing immediate sugar drops that lead to anger induced by hunger.


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